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Application process and join the flowchart join

   First, the characteristics of "personalized signing" scheme

   1, franchisees do not need to join the signing Headquartered in Beijing can be easily achieved in the local contract.

   2, franchisee training also need to group headquarters, through the headquarters of video training CD and written materials, can easily learn to play a variety of toys.

   3, the franchisee can save a lot of travel and study contracted travel time, avoid travel fatigue, easy to join, easy money.

   Second, the implementation, and the step

   A franchisee after joining the relevant policy for determining the company's intention to join.

   2, first to the headquarters of the franchisee account (ABC, ICBC) to export 10 percent margin (ie RMB Wu hundred).

   3, after the headquarters of the Ministry of Finance confirmed receipt of payment, then send stamped with the company seal and the contract number of "joining the agreement" in duplicate and join the renovation and training CD-ROM discs.

   4, franchisees after receiving "join the agreement," fill out the relevant content, send one copy to the headquarters back to. Then decoration store discs in accordance with the requirements of the decoration.

   5, based in the acknowledgment of receipt of the contract, indicating the headquarters and distribution center ready to join the relevant information and picking for the franchisee.

   6, the franchisee remitted to the headquarters of the remaining payments. (Ie, the initial fee, deposit a total of one thousand yuan ten thousand nine hundred Yuan Wu, that twenty thousand yuan Wu minus one hundred yuan deposit previously paid).

   7, headquarters and distribution center issued within 3 days of the goods and joining materials to ensure that you receive the goods before the franchisee opened easily opened to make money.

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