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Affiliate Program

   Prior to joining the familiar system, both in-depth communication, indoor environmental industry to reach consensus, to learn more about joining the system.


   The applicant must fill out the application form to join: individuals apply to join the partner must provide ID card and autographed; unit to apply to join the partners, must provide copies of business licenses, corporate identity and corporate autographed copy.

   Qualification will inspire future provinces and regions where the applicant, the date of application and operation of the ability to make a comprehensive assessment, and (closed holidays shall be postponed) within three working days after the last answer given to the first instance. Priority principle will inspire future development potential of regional markets, joining partners operating capacity factor for the first assessment, the development of a coordinated program to join partners to seize the city. If you exceed the number of prospective regional protection policy occur within an area franchisee, enlightenment will follow next time priority, management capability priority principle.

   Partners signed a contract to join the trial through, in both cases recognized, officially joined the cooperation contract signed.

   After the contract is signed authorization certificate, within three working days of the next inspiration authorization certificate will make complete and timely grant joining partners.

   After joining the training contracts signed after joining the contractual partner to pay costs associated with training, training time is 2-3 in four people below the number of control, training details, see the follow-up issues related documents. After the goods with the contract is signed, the next inspiration will proceed with the necessary cooperation to join the party opened items, and in the back end of the training directly or by co-workers to join the party free mailed to the designated location.

   Join protection include: regional mandate to protect, safeguard market operation methods, expertise guarantee, opening material support, brand support, technical support, product support, publicity support, management support protection.

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