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Seriously committed to join

   Business cooperation should uphold the "integrity and long-term" principle, we are committed to fulfill its obligations in terms of competition and data hosting partners to join, especially for the following statement:

   (A) We will never join partners and customers in the local competition. (A national group of customers, take a unified Nathan, a local partner services, benefit-sharing mechanisms)

   (B) We will never entrust our partners to join infringement hosted data, both within the validity period of cooperation, or the validity of the outside;

   (C) We never lost affiliation negligence hosted data, and never joined the Partnership hosted malicious data leakage;

   (D) We will regularly join the Partnership hosted data backup, do the following standards:

   (A) once a week, "full backup"

   (2) once a day "incremental backup"

   (E) We provide hosting partners to join the self data export capabilities, and the ability to meet the EXCEL application;

   (F) to join our encrypted data hosting partners;

   (Seven) partners have the right to join in the partnership issued a written request for canceling our proven data has been destroyed;

   (Eight) We only help integrate product resources affiliation, never entered the field of product distribution;

   People's Republic of China more than a legally binding commitment to Division I if violated, voluntarily accepted to join the Partnership in accordance with the joining fee is three times the punishment, hereby promise!

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