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Labelking International  Machinery Co., Ltd., Dongguan City is located in renowned international manufacturing city of Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, the company is a use of the latest technological achievements at home and abroad, specializing in the production of Labelking International  self-adhesive label printing machine of the modern enterprise.

   The company has a number of high-quality, high-tech specialized in the development, design, production and printing of engineering and technical personnel. Over the years the company's technical department, the Ministry of Information and abroad constantly aiming dynamic adhesive trademark printing market, research and development and production of XQ-L160 type flat compression, XQ-L180 type, XQ-L210C type, XQ-L240C type , XQ-L250C type baroclinic- sticker printing and XQ-RS260-speed rotary presses, XQ-RI320 intermittent rotary printing press, XQ-S320C turn right turn continuous screen printing, XQ-D160, XQ- D220C, XQ-D280C, XQ-D320C single-seat multi-purpose cutting machine, XQ-DD220C, XQ-DD280C, XQ-DD320C single-seat multi-purpose cutting machine mainly to slitting machine, rewinder machine, UV dryer , printer, paper cutter, supplemented by the industrial structure. Under the leadership quality oriented business policy, constantly introduce and absorb the essence of domestic and foreign counterparts to modern equipment and technology, strict management system, won the majority of new and old customers recognition, create a high-quality, efficient, pragmatic, honest, innovative corporate image.

   For the convenience of customers, the company ad hoc printing supplies department, the main agents of various special ink, green ink, UV ink, ink roller, UV lamp and lamp Shai Banji, Taiwan, Germany, the number of machines, kraft board, knife mold plate and so on ......

   The company has manufacturing, maintenance, printing techniques of professional and technical personnel dedicated to provide you quick, thoughtful installation, commissioning, training and after-sale tracking printing techniques train service. And to undertake a variety of domestic and imported stickers printing press maintenance business. Our past to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks for their support to new and existing customers and trademark printing industry, the company will comply with the market, research and development, production, use feedback, the principle of continuous improvement, excellent quality, best service together create a better future!

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