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Legal Notices

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Labelking International Website Legal Notices

Welcome to Labelking International Website. Labelking International  Machinery Co., Ltd  is a professional Adhesive Label Printing market institutions. In order to standardize website management, according to the law to protect the legitimate rights of the Site and related copyright holder Kawasaki Machinery Co., Ltd. of Dongguan City in particular made the following legal statement. Terms and conditions set forth in this legal notice applicable to all access and use of mechanical site Kawasaki individuals or institutions.

1, Labelking International site is for Adhesive Label Printing industry professional business website, any access and use this site to individuals or institutions must comply with the relevant laws and regulations, not to aid the spread of the capacity of the site, engage in illegal activities.

2, everything Labelking International  machinery websites are designed to better serve the audience, this website does not guarantee the accuracy and completeness of all information, text, graphics, links and other items, content for visitors to use a reference, Labelking International  machinery website of the relevant consequences arising from the use of this website assumes no responsibility for the commercial and legal.

3, all with Labelking International  machinery sites linking to their content and copyright by the respective providers and owners are responsible, Kawasaki machinery website does not have any direct or indirect commercial or assume liability for their content or form or nature.

4, Where to Labelking International machinery website contributors, contributors must ensure the authenticity of the original manuscript and content, such as legal consequences manuscript for plagiarism, fraud and other acts due to be borne by the contributors, and this website reserves the right to recourse other related . Adoption of the manuscript, Labelking International machinery websites will pay royalties to the contributor under this Agreement royalties website payment methods.

5, Labelking International  machinery website reprint articles, information and related images copyright by the original author or the original media have published, without the consent of the copyright owner, any institution or individual shall not be used as commercial use. This website copyright law to protect human rights, the rights of people reproduced using no time for verification, may submit evidence and can explain the circumstances of the material rights of the copyright holder identity Labelking International  machinery to the site, the site will be based on Labelking International machinery provisions payment of royalties.

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